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Tribe Church is a network of connected churches that meet on various days and times throughout the week. Many people don't realize that home churches are in the Bible (Acts 2:46, 5:42). They were not only the prevailing church model for the early Church, but they are still the prevailing church model for the majority of the global Church. Right now there are hundreds of millions of Christians around the world meeting in homes and other small spaces. This is not a new or weird expression of church, it is actually the original expression!



It may sound similar, but in reality, it is very different. Small groups are usually built around a specific study, topic, or activity and rarely include the full spectrum of Christian discipleship. A home church is meant to engage you in worship, in the Word, in prayer, in exercising the gifts of the Spirit and other aspects of spiritual maturity, in service to your community, and ultimately, in growing in Christ-likeness.

WHat happens in a tribe (home) church?

We Eat

Following the example that we see in Acts and other descriptions of the church in the New Testament, we first and foremost build relationship and learn to find joy in fellowship by sharing a meal together. 


We  Discuss & Study  the  Word

During and/or after that time, we engage scripture through questions and discussions. At times these discussions will be guided by a leader, but often they will grow organically from within the group. All are encouraged to participate actively in these conversations and ensure that no one person dominates the discussion.


We Give God  Praise

Meetings will usually have a time of praise and prayer. Praise may take many forms - as we see in scripture - from singing together, to sharing testimonies, to spontaneous songs, hymns, or spiritual songs. There will often be an instrument or two being played, depending on the abilities in each group, but not always.


We  Pray

Prayer can include corporate times of prayer when the entire groups prays together, moments when individual members pray for each other directly, or there may simply be a quiet time of engaging with the Lord.

We Engage  The  Holy  Spirit

Though the gifts may express themselves in many way during all of the activity specified above, meetings will also actively engage the gifts of the Holy Spirit by giving time and instruction on the nature and exercise of those gifts.

We Give Generously

One of the great benefits of a home church is that there is no overhead costs for a building, utilities, or administration. Part of being a disciple is living a generous lifestyle, and this carries over into the group as well. There will be times when the funds donated by members will be used to meet immediate needs within the group or in the wider community, including the support of domestic and foreign missions.

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